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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 8, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening there were angry scenes in the palestinian territories friday with those take part in the proteststs venting their anger at the u. s. president donald trump's decisions recognize jerusalem. as capital of israel. was a move which is triggered widespread international criticism. the palestinian health ministry says the first year old gozen was killed and dozens more injured in skirmishes between israeli forces of our testers. alone causes border with israel. bills are crashes in bethlehem and ramallah let's take a closer look. the day of prayer turned into a day of rage. hundreds of protesters clashed with israeli security forces across palestinian territories worshippers took to the streets. exiting mosques on
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the holy day of friday to protest against the trump administration's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. earlier in bethlehem palestinians gathered on the city streets. and threw stones at israeli soldiers. the faa who finds take asked to try and discuss the crowds. in ramallah close to six o'clock move move from. ties. men with public faces use slings to throw stones at israelis. the rules are reports of robert listening fired by israeli troops. medical sources said dozens of people suffered from teargas inhalation in the west bank as well as in the gaza strip. way cool school worshippers to protest sounded a mosque loudspeakers. hamas' political leader fussy how mount was among the demonstrators in on the war and now bbc a u. s. declaration has dismissed all the decisions favoring the palestinian cause. instead of putting all our
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hopes in the un security council we have fake you know people's persistence to be steadfast hello not solid on the feet. in jerusalem. growth house as flighty is and isn't known what's most. queues stone trump ignoring the rights palestinians. you know. yeah. don't. who's hill jerusalem has angered arabs and. glaring pro israel bias. most. religious political. hello you're on as. there's no. it was a difficult friday that have not at. schools and as. here and there was a ball stood israeli police presence in jerusalem. and both of israeli troop presence across the west bank. they was some three thousands of palestinian
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protesters across the was banned from seoul carmen nablusus in the north. to bethlehem andnd havave brout in the south a and it was small but intense clashes and at all those sites in jerusalem where i spent the day out outside the al aqsa mosque outside the old city. it wasn't as angry as i storage six months ago during the protests of. aroround the metal detectos in the mosque so it wasn't as angry as it has brain it was more. an expression of solidarity approaches but there wasn't for example much throwing of rocks that was scuffles with place but there wasn't. that serious stone throwing the response with tear gas and water cannons that we saw was six months ago. at least not years we have to say we don't know where this is going to go we don't know if it's going to and intensify down there died down for awhile and intensify again. all that's open because it's such an open ended process is such
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an open ended decision about protesting against. okay and. against the backdrop of over of all that anger area. the u. s. vice president mike pence is usually visit. there region. no you in the coming days how is the u. s. present all trump's announcement that i of recognizing jerusalem as the capital israel how's that likely to affect. that it is a by the vice president you think. well certainly affect his visit sums of the palestinian territories because the palestinian president's is he doesn't want to make him or her that from other palestinian officials as well. so. that's already a slap in the face and i think it's partly because and. mohammed abbas is a man of diplomacy he's a man who goes to the united nations and puts the palestinian case and. deals with other world leaders andnd for him personally thihis was such a slap in the face. that he actually has declared the peace process did and has
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said that donald trump camembert broca and he doesn't want to mate donald trump's number two. he has also calls today for other nations to step up and followed erica's up late and recognize. east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian territories so i now seeing that moves that campaign by him. to the other nations because a big boot disgruntlement the disappointment the despair i think that you can say that he feels at this moment. because it was there is an active reporting that from jerusalem. we just receiving word now that he's twenty five people have been injured in gaza off the israeli military carried out a series of as rocks marks the injured. children with israeli ministry says it is targeting a militant training camp. and a weapon step i would earlier in the day rockets were fired from gaza in the direction. of israeli towns.
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okay. and we've been seeing that emerges talking about that we all correspondent wasn't confined to the palestinian territories today purchase also held much further afield as well from yemen to turkey. jordan's is mario malaysia to lebanon people were taking to the streets burning u. s. on israeli flags. as well as effigies of. because risen savior has. update for us. two wrongs. a protest rally in san juan denouncing u. s. president donald trump's decision this week so recognize jerusalem as thefficial capitol. of israel this was a decision that drew swift condemnatio. from iran in leaders you one supreme leader collier's site is conspiracy he wanted president. a role on the calling on islamic nations to human rights encocounter whahat he called illegal and dangerous world. i think that is a. dangerous now. you think trump is a
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dangerous man yes i think got from and all of the present presidents of. goods they have one. opinion and one target and that's the and showing off. muslims and islam we have seen some violence in the region after research sponsor decision but not here in iran this rally which consisted of several thousand people. was very peaceful other many analysts who say mister trump's decision helps bolster iran's reputation on the arab street as a leading defender of the palestinian cause however. mister trump's incision is not good news for the many iranians who are hoping for better relations with washington especially after the nuclear deal a clearly mister trump is take it all on. a confrontational position with iran and his decision is sweet recognizing a jerusalem as the official capitol of israel only feels the bad blood today between washington and tehran. because it was wrong to say
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reporting that. from. tehran cash women's anger in the arab world and concern amongst washington's allies the u. s. security council held an emergency session earlier on today which the british un ambassador cool donald trump's announcement unhelpful. well egypt's you and us there warned it could have microbes a grave negative impacts on the peace process. a u. s. ambassador nikki haley accuse the united nations itself of doing more harm than good to prospects of peace in the region. adding that israel should not be bullied. the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace then to advance them. we will not be a party to that. the united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly attacked and the united nations. and the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both. israelis and palestinians fairly.
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the us embassy united nations speaking now for more can speak out of principles donald hoffman. who is at the un headquarters in new york? just tell us a bit more done about the outcome of today's un security council meeting. what yeah first thing that's really important united at this meeting was essentially as symbolic you know i was at? requested by a new jury of their security council members including some ash additional allies of the united states and thinking of and uk or our friends and a white essentially. all the members assets union one license at it for obviously and the united states. itself of was as bad there can damn naing add donald sounds in house and to recognize the real and as the capital of israel and movie and to see from tel aviv to jerusalem. and
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they're condemning it because as you say goes against a u. n. resolutions that are being. though is it all over the past decade these as a resolution at which consider that it their their status and the mostly symbolic bece obviously no resolution was as admitted at sudan the main reason behind that is. that the american anti americans as a permanent member of the council have that a lot of feeling do has probably use and this right to block any kind of stronger condemnation and against. there are decisions you recognize jerusalem as the
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capital of israel. this is just listening to the u. s. i'm us is the u. n. if he haley just a before we cross the u.. she seems to be taking aim up a u. n. itself and saying that it was to blame. for the lack of a of of the peace process up until at this point more what you make of that. but then there are really two parts you knowing that a lot what you say under the first part was in the west was obviously expected for her was to defend their decision of that and al sarant. and basically you know saying that. knowledge being jerusalem is the capital of israel w s kind of like and we can now ising reality the reality on the ground and that that israel has created for now and if you add he case and she released inferno on on on this. and the second for which you just mentioned wa. yes indeed her taking aim a more directly strongly at the u. n.'s for what she
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calls her and i its anti israel bias or singling out israel in on all under counter this is in new york. he lebanese prime minister saad hariri has been missing paris this friday for a summit seen as a show of support for lebanon. as emerges from a bizarre political crisis. wells among hariri unexpected yeltsin's resignation a drama menace is a direct consequence of the growing rivalry between saudi arabia and iran will speaking out today summit. the french president emmanuel mccall called on all countries to stop meddling in lebanese affair. the international support group for lebanon meeting here at the french foreign ministryry reaffirmsms its support for lebanon's sovereignty. appended saying that that must not be a external
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interference and the a domestic lebanese affairs and so that ends the participants announced no fewer than three different conferences. one to held a lebanese infrastructure and investstment as sececond conference to help the lebanese police and army. and thirdly i called friends at to help lebanon deal with its refugee issue and for all the participants here those three are very important outlawing supposed to in order to achieve. that hope for independence and sovereignty of lebanon free from outside interference. bowes articles institutionalize those almond george in there. analyzing about summit here in paris. now's the latest song what is it the deadliest single attack on a un peacekeeping mission in recent memory at least fourteen peacekeepers have been killed in more than fifty others injured. in eastern congo us holding
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over eleven attack on that base attack which reportedly lost. i was. this old is being blames all one the region's deadliest rebel groups u. n. section general antonio guterres. described it as a war crime i urge the congolese authorities to carry out. immediate investigation. over more he across the backseat frozen fools diana hoffman is the following not stories all for us un headquarters in new york. w. what what we know about just what happened thatat. so we have a few more and he felt it was at a few hours ago and it region by un officials here at their headquarters in new york including is okay i clive there. and chief of their peacekeeping operations and. the aggies have very detailed time line you know that what's happened and yesterday i desk. on this a senior north you who that is. in the eastern parart off t of congo a and thahat look e this and you know is that a
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group of men presumably. from the allies and ally democratic forces that is it legal groups operating in congo and attacks and is based you and mentioned you know that the death toll as fourteen at people killed and dozens of the injured. that this soldier is. form the peacekeeping mission . so where does this leave us. peacekeeping missions you think on how. well there are really. to. thing that you to keep in mind here is i'm city immediate response that. that and the u. n. is then asked you that you bring you know to do this attack and
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you know this obviously means bringing the perpetrators at justice volumes harris andnd. qualiy that this attack is that as a war crime as obviously a really as strong in and a quick answer at is is required to three pontiac now there's a larger question more long term and issue on the. the mission itself you know this is the biggest admission that peacekeeping mission of the u. n. in the world more than as sixteen thousand military at personal and also the cost this ability to operate andt also puts it. more address it and especially in such an
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unstable and country astros will and you also have to keep an eye the next year elections will at the playful should take place at income good is is also a challenge. and that the peacekeeping missions that have had to face. okay thank you very much developed a frozen it was done hoffman in new york thanks again. then you a promise of poland not as morally key is is he's gonna carry on with his process is a gender fighting tax evasion and keep in country's finances in check. the phone violence is the meters gone soft in confirmed as the new permimt a country's president. when his predecessor beyonce's cedillo who held office is just over twelve months to his resignation yesterday despite surviving and local it says. the government critics saying a change of guard their is a smokescreen and the divers use as your from of votes in parliament today which hands the ruling part. significant new powers over the judicial system. overall though it was not a crack joins us now from a wall so don't just us if you
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would. a bit more about today's vote. okay it is you have an order problem that with our correspondent in a war so we'll try to get him back later on. as he was reminded all of our top stories here on france24 one person is killed in the palestinian territories in that spot approach as president trump's decision. to recognize. police force in his gives the killed more than fifty others injured in eastern congo and what was the deadliest single attack on a un peacekeeping mission. in recent memory. i'm falling over the resignation of his predecessor poland's former minister of finance matters worried he is confirmed. as the country's new prime minister. lafayette nigerian
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president's gave an exclusive interview different story for most of the she's our correspondent mark parliament. also about donald trump's decisions recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel listening. moral hello and welcome to the interview on because and cared my guess today is the president of the republic of the share molly's of of the president thank you for welcoming us new york welcome. offered as a president a staunch with the latest news and jerusalem. american president donald trump has written on. one sided lee jerusalem as the capital city of the city was through what is your reaction. well. as you know asia as a member. of the united nations. we are a member of the african union where also a member. of the islamic cooperation movement. all he's organizer asians have taken of deir position regarding the issue. cycle. regarding the israeli palestinian problem we comply with the resolutions
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of the united nations. you think it's a mistake on behalf of the american president. i believe the status of jerusalem must be examined. i ask part of the peace process between israel and the palestinians yeah us just listen to the situation in libya. i've we have seen those terrible images of slaves. who you ask that the international criminal coal deal with the issue that was a summit with the european union yet in union and hubby john? with announcements of far maybe some mutterings inventions all who have seen people coming back including to the share. on people so that after the nice neutral words there will be no actions. you'll right after the images that were broadcast on cnn regarding the situation of migrants who are reduced to slavery in asia we were all shocked. to see these images and those practices. especially all the another a drove critiqu.
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and i'd. we believe that we mustn't let's. that's go unpunished abidjan united john. this problem was considered. we had exchanges of used if it has of state and we agreed that the united nations the african union slick put in place an organization. that will take charge of this. issue a task force. which will be set up. but already other initiatives have been taken by states who have decided to repatriate their citizens who are in libya it is the case of amnesia. and they hope that. these decisions abidjan will be implemented to protect migrants because there is a reserve a large reserve of migrants in libya yes they count go back to
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their countries of origin or continue their travel. to the countries of destination so we west take measures to stop this tragedy because it is a real tragedy. the high commissioner for human rights of the united nations accused in opinion on saying that. by preventing the migrants to cross the mediterranean what is neceso think about solutions joint solutions in the countries of origin or the countntry'a tragedy to isn't a country of. origin movie we must agree. we must implement solutions we have already been identifies intervention.
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police or military operations. they're all solutions which we have considered in the summit meeting of the letter between africa and europe the solutions. perform must. approach the root causes of migration we shop all the t. another route calls is the insecurity unfortunately that exists in certain parts of the world so we must a. deal with the root causes rather than a true pattern. along an unending. debates and whining about so. the tragedies of the migrants levinson clearly you're against a new intervention of three operation of the nato countries. no listen or what to do to.
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and the chaos in which libya this a number of initiatives have been taken by the african union. by the united nations. and a process of negotiation has been undertaken by the different stakeholders what is the solution is to do everything to his soul. elderly indian state so there's another initiative house has the favor of france the g. five so hell. try to stop the terrorist networks are all others nicholas is a major problem of budgeting four hundred thirty three million severus needed. until now we have only one fourth on the table it is said that saudi arabia will be ready to put hundred million euros on the table. do you confirm victim ahead indeed. aside is facing very serious threats the threat of terrorism and the threat of criminal organizations both of which are linked. and in the face of these threats we have decided. at the level of the five countries in the region just to neutralize to share our resources to share our capabilities. our
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intelligence capabilities we decided to put in place a combined force a joint force a gfi site has. which is a security response we want to promote security to face the threats is. false where our needs resources. which also * whose which haven't arrived yet. the eu has announced staff. for hundred and four million euros the u. s.. sixty million. and very soon. the g. five style on the thirteenth december will be meeting and at that meeting saudi arabia may. announcer a contribution here expecting it. we're
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